Logistics from A to Z
Coverage all through Europe

We can offer you our transport solution and logistical services all through the European Union, but our emphasis lies with the Scandinavian countries, including Finland and the Baltic States. This has grown from our years of previous experience.

Saving time

We save the planners at production and transport companies enormous amounts of time by taking on the planning and organisation of the goods to be shipped. We also ensure suitable return shipments and, if applicable, we offer transporters the possibility to take the necessary ferry passages.

Flexible capacity

Everyone has fluctuations in relation to the deployable means of transport or in production. This always results in an imbalance in capacity for finding means of transport or loads. By bundling our transporters and production companies, we offer the solution to this problem through our knowledge, refined network and innovative IT system, whereby neutrality is paramount.

Earning money and convenience

You earn a lot of money with the time we save you when looking for suitable means of transport and / or loads. Your fixed costs and investments do not increase and your capacity is optimized. By bundling the transport capacity of carriers and loads from production companies and carriers, many empty kilometers are avoided and customer satisfaction increases, resulting in better revenue and a better result.

Thinking out..
..of the box
Logistics solutions from A to Z

We can literally plan and organise your entire logistical process for you. We can employ any and all possible distribution concepts and transport equipment for you.

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You have a shipment that needs to get to a destination now, or you brought a shipment and are looking for a shipment to take back home? We make that possible.

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